Brick Penguin Sketch Comedy

I’m a proud member of the DC sketch comedy group Brick Penguin. We perform at Dojo Comedy regularly, and also at comedy festivals around the country.

Here are a few of the sketches I wrote.

I strongly suggest you subscribe to our Youtube channel here.

Our website is here.

The thing we do best is put on great live sketch comedy shows. So catch one of those if you can.

I also wrote (with Brick Penguin) and directed the sketch comedy murder mystery Who Killed the Capitol Steps? where we pretended to be the comedy group the Capitol Steps. But then we immediately get shot to death onstage, and for the rest of the show, a DC police officer pieces together the sordid web of sex, drugs, and song parodies left behind.

who killed

One show we did was called Brick Penguin vs. a 12-foot Sub. That was a show full of sketches, where we also tried to eat a 12-foot sub that was onstage during the show. We failed. I was in a lot of pain. The bread was extremely dry. I’m making excuses. We are considering a rematch. Sub poster

And I direct sketch shows in DC too.