No-Refund Comedy Writing

If you would like to enlist me as your comedy writer, I would need a cashier’s check for $95 per joke, written out to Effortlessly Funny, LLC. These jokes are premium-quality, Paul Provenza-caliber humor, and they are priced to bring the house down in 35–50 seat venues, guaranteed.

If you want jokes to impress 3–5 friends, I can do that for $78 US.

If you need a joke for like an intense, 1-on-1 hostage negotiation, that’d be like $60 US.

Topics include:

  • The Dating Apps
  • Mother-in-Law Humor
  • Spirit Airlines
  • The Keto Diet
  • My Crazy Greek Family
  • My Crazy Italian Family
  • My Crazy Polish Family
  • My Crazy Jewish Family (so long as they basically act like a crazy Greek family)

Bulk rates:

  • 5–10 jokes: $90/joke
  • 11–15 jokes: $89.99/joke (a $0.01 savings!)
  • 16-50 jokes: $89.98 8/10 /joke (a frankly ridiculous savings)